Selling advertising

Many volunteers find selling advertising in branch magazines the most daunting task in magazine production. Whilst it may require persistence and patience, selling advertising is not as difficult as some people believe.

Nobody buys anything without knowing what they are buying and how much it costs. Selling advertising is just the same, this information is provided in a rate card.

Pubs and breweries generally are well aware of rate cards, as they are regularly approached to spend money on advertising. Advertisers need to know how many copies are printed, where they are distributed (e.g. 350 pubs and clubs throughout the branch area/county/etc). Also key to advertisers is how much it costs, so the rate card outlines the cost for differently sized adverts and adverts in a key position (e.g. back cover). Advertisers will often ask for a discount, don’t take offence, just say no unless you have an agreed arrangement in place.

CAMRA branch magazines are often the most cost-effective advertising for pubs, breweries and other local businesses. The magazines reach their core customer base, beer drinkers in their geographical market area. A CAMRA branch magazine enables pubs, breweries and businesses to promote themselves at a low cost to a targeted audience.