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A publishing service to produce free pub magazines for CAMRA branches

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Catshill Design

Features and Benefits

  • A professional quality magazine which is produced on time.
  • Volunteers do not need publishing skills and considerable volunteer time is saved.
  • CAMRA branches retain the budget for the magazine and generate a surplus.
  • Minimum financial risk – your magazine only goes to print if your budget is in surplus.
  • Advertising rates are reasonable and published; smaller breweries and pubs can afford to promote themselves.
  • Ongoing support with advertising – finding and retaining advertisers, advert design and production.
  • Design and creation of effective editorial, an Editor’s Vault of content from leading beer writers and a regular newsletter of advice and tips.
  • A magazine put together by a team who are knowledgeable about CAMRA as well as having an understanding of the elements of good design for a pub magazine.
  • Creation of a dedicated, mobile friendly website for users to download electronic copies, submit news and make enquiries.
  • Creation of a rate card/flyer for generating new advertisers which leads to the website enquiry form.
  • A magazine that adheres to the CAMRA brand style guidelines.
  • A written agreement with ongoing email and phone customer support.


The Editor/CAMRA branch(s) is responsible for the production of local articles/news/diary, sourcing/liaising with/invoicing advertisers, proof reading and distribution to pubs/subscribers/British Library.

Catshill Design is responsible for the management of workflow including time scales and deadlines, providing national articles, assistance in generating new advertisers, production of a rate card, liaising with advertisers in respect of artwork, collation of content, providing support and advice to the editor in terms of producing content including copy and images to the correct technical specification, design and typesetting, setting up of a magazine website, printing and distribution to branch.


Branch magazines are powerful tools that are aligned with CAMRA’s campaigns. These include the promotion of pub-going, raising awareness of beer, brewing, cider and perry and ongoing campaigns at a national and local level. They can also promote membership, encourage volunteer activation and are a potential revenue stream. CAMRA, therefore, encourages branches to have a local magazine.

Branches that do not have a magazine can find it difficult to set up and produce publications, largely due to insufficient resources such as volunteer time and expertise.  Branches that have a long-established publication find compiling and publishing a regular magazine a drain on volunteer time and resources to the detriment of other campaigning activities. Many branches use the services of an external company to compile, publish and print their magazine. Without such a production company most, if not all of these magazines would not be published. However, using the services of a third party often means that the branches lose control of advertising which can result in the loss of revenue. Accessible advertising costs help to develop a good relationship with pubs and breweries. 

Our model allows branches to retain control of the budget and generate income for CAMRA whilst campaigning locally.

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