About us

Catshill Design is a part of Catshill Consultancy LLP registered in the United Kingdom and listed on Companies House ref OC394176

Catshill Consultancy LLP includes Catshill Learning Partnerships and The Beer Consultancy and is owned by partners Brett and Lynne Laniosh

As Editor of Worcestershire County’s CAMRA magazine, the support provided to me by Catshill Design has been excellent. They have supported me very effectively in relation to all aspects of magazine production and quality control. Clear deadlines and expectations ensure that tasks are planned and completed on time. This has resulted in a superb looking magazine.
Andy Checketts, Editor, Pint Taken  – The Worcestershire CAMRA Pub magazine

Working with Brett and Catshill Design was a rewarding experience for me. It gave me an insight into new fields and areas where I had not gone previously, introducing me on how to work with Google Docs, something I had not done before. The support I received  on getting the magazine up and running was excellent, communications friendly and prompt, good response and service and the fact we were able to get the magazine off the ground.  The first issue was very well received and my thanks must go to Brett and all who worked alongside. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Steve Smith, Editor, Beer Buzz – The CAMRA pub magazine covering Central Manchester, Trafford & Hulme and Salford.